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About me

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I am a Philanthropoid – a person dedicated to working with philanthropic causes, a blend of “philanthropist” and “anthropoid” (the term was coined by Carnegie Corporation staff at the beginning of the 20th century). I’m specialised in private philanthropy. My job is to narrow the distance between the giver and the getter. I work with private donors and social impact investors (individuals or families) helping them grow their social impact ideas and making the best use of their philanthropic resources.


Before I moved into philanthropy advisory, I spent ten years of my career working in the international humanitarian and development assistance sector. I worked in 14 countries across 4 continents as a project manager, programme designer, analyst and grant writer for big and small international organisations, United Nations, Red Cross system, public administration and private sector. 

In 2016-2018 I specialised in philanthropy advisory and wealth management (Family Office) and launched my consultancy service based in Milan, Italy. Since then I have been working with private individuals, families, family offices and foundations interested in developing and implementing most effective social impact funding strategies.

Education background

I am a holder of a post-graduate diploma in Philanthropic Studies at University of Kent and executive diploma in Family Office by the Italian Family Officer Association. I’m also a graduate of the Effective Altruism Fellowship programme at Stanford University. My core skills and competences include: analysis, planning and strategy development, strong writing and networking skills. I regularly work as a trainer, mentor and facilitator, sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I am a member of key professional networks: Philanthropy Impact, European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) and Effective Altruism community.

Personally, I like meeting new people, listening to stories and connecting the dots.

I am trilingual: Polish, English and Italian.

Philanthropy is a rare element in our social firmament, a salt that cannot be allowed to lose its savor.

Paul Ylvisaker