Making ideas grow

We live in interesting times. There are more funding resources for social good than ever, but thanks to it selecting the right philanthropic vehicles, operating models, partners and communication channels is becoming an increasing challenge.

Philanthropy is a business of raising money for social causes and as such it is both art and science. It is a form of soul expression, but it requires firm knowledge and technical skills to render philanthropic giving effective.

Leveraging philanthropic resources to maximise the social impact is my passion and profession. I work with both donors and nonprofits helping them grow their ideas.

If you share the interest in Doing Good by Doing Well, I would be delighted to be working with you.

My expertise

I am a Philanthropoid – a blend of “philanthropist” and “anthropoid” (the term was coined by Carnegie Corporation at the beginning of the 20th century), a person dedicated to working with philanthropic causes.

I specialise in fundraising and philanthropy. My job is to narrow the distance between the giver and the getter. I help philanthropists make better use of their resources and empower nonprofits to turn these resources into biggest possible social impact.

I work with:

  1. Donors (individuals, foundations or companies) that want to find most effective ways for channeling their philanthropic resources or build innovative and lasting partnerships.
  2. Nonprofits (charities and social enterprises) that look for new funding models and philanthropic resources to maximise their social impact.

My service portfolio includes:

  • Fundraising and philanthropic advisory – as-is analysis, activity structuring, capacity building
  • Fundraising audits, strategy and planning
  • Grant writing and programme design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Prospect donor research and mapping
  • Scouting and research (grants, charities)
  • Designing philanthropic roadmaps
  • Creating bespoke and innovative philanthropic solutions.


About me

I have extensive international development experience. I worked in 14 countries across 4 continents as a project manager, programme designer, analyst and grant writer for big and small international organisations, United Nations, Red Cross system, public administration and private sector.  Specialised in philanthropy advisory and wealth management, for the last five years I have been working with social impact funders interested in developing and implementing most effective social impact funding strategies.

I am a holder of post-graduate diploma in Philanthropic Studies at University of Kent (United Kingdom) and Master diploma in Family Office by the Italian Family Officer Association. I’m also certified in philanthropic capital raising, social impact investment, corporate fundraising and crowdfunding. My core skills and competences include: analysis, planning and strategy development, strong writing and networking skills. I also occasionally work as a trainer, mentor and facilitator, sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I am a proud member of key professional networks: Philanthropy Impact and European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP).

Personally, I like getting to know people, listening to stories and connecting the dots.

I am trilingual: Polish, English and Italian.


I strongly believe in the power of networks. They drive innovation, stimulate efficiency, help unlock new solutions to complex problems. And they simply keep us all in touch!

If you are professionally related or personally passionate about philanthropy and want to be part of the network, please do reach out and let’s get to know each other.

You can reach me at: